ZEBRA 2012 X DAN - [Illustrator]2012-05-07

Zebra Music Festival 2012 Crossover WangXiaoKun Dan.

Official Product T-shirt Design Zebra ChengDu.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2012@XiaoMa27AGE

ART SHOW HUIZHOU - [Illustrator]2011-12-08

This Arts For More Than Pop Art Festival 2011 GuangZhou HuiZhou.

Date Is 2011.12.10 On HuiZhou Mall.Sizes Is 1.5m x 3M So Big.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2011@XiaoMa27AGE

MORE THAN+ POP ARTS FESTIVAL 2010  - [Illustrator]2010-11-02

Copyright ownership belongs to MTD crew, shall not be

reproduced , copied, or used in other ways without permission.

Otherwise MTD crew will have the right to pursue legal responsibilities.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE CopyRight By2010@XiaoMa27AGE

WOELD CITIES FESTIVAL - [Illustrator]2010-05-24

2010 BeiJing ChangYang Park World Cities Festival

Design By XiaoMa27AGE CopyRight By2010@XiaoMa27AGE

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