ROCK BAND 15TH - [Design]2012-04-11

This is my Friend's Band,Reflector and Suffocted.330 Metal Festival.

The Bands Is All 15th in 2012,Poster Design Is Art,By 27age.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2012@XiaoMa27AGE

MORE THAN REFLECTOR - [Design]2011-03-29

2011 More Than Reflector Band Crossover Read More……

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2011@XiaoMa27AGE

MY SHOW POSTER - [Illustrator]2010-12-02

These poster design for More Than +Pop Art Festival

My Show Design Poster & One Rock Live In More Than.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2010@XiaoMa27AGE

REFLECTOR - [Illustrator]2010-03-15

Reflector Band Chinese PUNK Band This Design Is For New EP

Design By XiaoMa27AGE CopyRight By2010@XiaoMa27AGE

REFLECTOR MV - [Design]2009-12-30

Reflector Band MV About New EP <MaBi> Poster Design

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2009@XiaoMa27AGE

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