NEVER STOP  - [Design]2013-03-19

MORE THAN Design Studio Is a Independent Studio.

This Design is MORE THAN 2013 New Cotton New Style.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2013@XiaoMa27AGE

LACOSTE LIVE - [Illustrator]2012-08-29

Lacoste Live Footwear.Logo Natural Cool.Crossover Yoho 27AGE.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2012@XiaoMa27AGE

M&T WEDDING - [Illustrator]2012-07-03

M&T Wedding 2012 MaJing TangJie Be Married On 2012.

This Design Is A Symbol Of Eternal Love Between A Married Couple.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2012@XiaoMa27AGE

27°Attitude Beer - [Design]2012-04-11

More Than 27°Attitude Beer. Man like a cup of more than beer.

Go and have a glass of More Than 27°Attitude Beer.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2012@XiaoMa27AGE

HAPPY NEW 2012 - [Design]2011-12-27


Talk To City.Say Fuck To All.And Say Happy New Year 2012.

More Than Studio Say Fuck To Last Year.Hope MoreThan NewYear.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2011@XiaoMa27AGE

Mountain Dew Fix - [Illustrator]2011-12-22

Design For Mountain Dew.Drink Beverage Fix.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2011@XiaoMa27AGE

SKONW VIS - [Design]2011-10-31


 SKONW Visual Identity System Design By MORR THAN Studio 2011

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2011@XiaoMa27AGE

Battle Nite  - [Design]2011-06-12

2011 More Than+ Pop Art Festival 6.24-7.1

Design Poster For Battle Nite Freestyle Battle On Jun.28 2011

Design By XiaoMa27AGE CopyRight By2011@XiaoMa27AGE

MORE THAN+ POP ARTS FESTIVAL 2010  - [Illustrator]2010-11-02

Copyright ownership belongs to MTD crew, shall not be

reproduced , copied, or used in other ways without permission.

Otherwise MTD crew will have the right to pursue legal responsibilities.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE CopyRight By2010@XiaoMa27AGE

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