The Face - [Illustrator]2009-01-06

China Rock Bnad The Face's Logo

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2008@XiaoMa27AGE

DiaoLei - [Illustrator]2009-01-04

DiaoLei A Famous Chinese Drummer .

He Is As An Oustanding Talent At A Young Age

This Is Diao Lei's LOGO .I Thought That.

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2008@XiaoMa27AGE

Chung Ling LOGO - [Illustrator]2009-01-04

 My Frieng Chung Ling's LOGO .She Is Many Punk Band's Handlers

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2008@XiaoMa27AGE

Niu Year Funny - [Design]2009-01-03

Happy Niu Year.Hope All The Thing Will Be Beautiful.

This Photo Is So Funny.HaHaHa ……

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2008@XiaoMa27AGE

Tarot Saint Band - [Illustrator]2009-01-03


Metal Band Tarot Saint Band  Two Kind .All The People Like The

Frist,Me Too.So Metal.Friend ShaoQing is Good Man

Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2008@XiaoMa27AGE

ROCK LIVE - [Design]2009-01-03

TaiYuan Rock Live F**K Off 2008 Goodbye My 2008  All Rocker

 Design By XiaoMa27AGE Copy Right By2008@XiaoMa27AGE

The Wild Time - [Design]2008-12-24

The Wild Time Is A PUNK Band from BeiJin . This Is Them New LOGO

Design By XiaoMa27Age  Copy Right By2008@XiaoMa27AGE

Get Money Paster - [Illustrator]2008-12-19

Get Money  Paster .My Friend GaoFu's SHOP SHOW

Design By XiaoMa27AGE

Green Peace hop-Pocket - [Design]2008-12-12

Green Peace hop-Pocket no.1

Design By XiaoMa27Age Copy Right 2008@XiaoMa27AGE


27age TEE - [Design]2008-12-11

Five Kinds Of Mine TEE Design

T Shirt Design About Me ,This One Is All The People Likes.

Which One Would You Like? Du You Want To Take This To Your

Home? OK,Which?

T Shirt Design About 27AGE,Design By XiaoMa27Age

Copy Right 2008 By@XiaoMa27Age

My Funny Banner - [Illustrator]2008-12-05

My Funny Banner Design By XiaoMa27AGE

Design 08 My Tattoo - [Design]2008-12-05

Design My Tattoo About MySelf 2008

Design By XiaoMa27AGE

MIDU Live LOGO - [Illustrator]2008-12-05


MIDU Live LOGO Design By XiaoMa27AGE

The Band Caffe-In DEMO Design - [Illustrator]2008-12-05

The Band Caffe-In DEMO Design

All Is Red Because This DEMO About Chinese New YearSpring Festival

Design By XiaoMa CopyRight2007@XiaoMa27AGE

Myself Is Crazy - [Design]2008-12-05

Photography By Myself Design By 27AGE

Photography By Myself Design By 27AGE


My Birthday - [Illustrator]2008-12-05

Design About My Birthday Part CopyRight2008@XiaoMa

My Friend PAPA - [Illustrator]2008-12-05

For PAPA'Works My Friend 's LOGO

Realy His Shoot Is Very Well . Design By XiaoMa27AGE

New Design About DR Feel Good - [Design]2008-12-05

 New Electron Together DR feel Good LOGO Design

I Like This Band Because It's so Moden

Design By XiaoMa27AGE CopyRight 2008 By XiaoMa


About Greenpeace - [Illustrator]2008-12-05


Greenpeace To Positive Changer

Design By 27AGE XiaoMa CopyRight2008@XiaoMa27AGE

Funny 27AGE Walk On - [Illustrator]2008-12-05

Funny 27AGE Walk On "HaHa" Design Mine 27XiaoMa